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Conditions of access and use of the fpf.pt Website

The Portuguese Football Federation (hereinafter FPF) recommends that, before each navigation, the user reads these provisions, applicable to the access and use of the website www.fpf.pt (hereinafter fpf.pt).



The site fpf.pt is registered in accordance with the Regulations of Domains Registration.PT and is owned by the Portuguese Football Federation, Fiscal Identification Number 500 110 387, with registered office in Rua Alexandre Herculano, n.º. 58, in Lisbon.



fpf.pt is aimed at providing information on the FPF’s activity, in the exercise of its object of promotion and development of the football through the dissemination of results, decisions, deliberations, appointments, directives, regulations and other communications, legally or statutorily required, and other services of interest for the enhancement and practice of the game, for a correct, serious and adequate use by stakeholders.

The FPF cannot guarantee that all the information presented are complete or correct, especially due to the fact that the results of the matches are only final after homologation, in accordance with the regulations. The fpf.pt shall however keep them up to date and shall accurately and efficiently correct any mistakes noticed, without delay.

The FPF shall not be liable for any damages arising from an incorrect interpretation of any of the contents of the fpf.pt, which are not to be considered as a professional, legal or other official opinion, and it is recommended that you call upon the services of a duly qualified professional, if specific advice in relation to any of the matters included therein is necessary.



Those interested in purchasing tickets for a match organized by the FPF must access to the area of the site reserved for the sale of tickets (“on-line Ticket Office”), make the “user registration” and the “activation of the registration”, select the match to which they intend to attend as well as the category and the number of tickets they want to purchase, subject to the limit established by the FPF.

The “user registration” is made by filling each of the fields provided with correct and true information. The spaces identified with * must compulsorily be filled in and the personal data may be changed in accordance with the law in force. 

The “activation of the registration” is made by the user after receipt of an e-mail sent by the FPF’s system. The “on-line ticket office” contains all the information concerning prices of each available category of tickets.

The payment of the tickets can be made by VISA, Mastercard and MBnet and the purchaser must provide the card’s number, month and year of validity and the security code CVV (Creditcard Validation Value) which corresponds to the last three digits identified in the reverse of the ticket.

After the payment has been made, the purchaser shall receive by e-mail the confirmation of the purchase (“voucher”).

The FPF shall not be liable for the erroneous insertion of incorrect information or for the interruption or malfunction of the system or the internet.

The FPF shall distribute the places in the stadium on a first come first served basis at the moment the tickets are picked up. Tickets shall be picked up, during the period and in the places mentioned in the FPF’s site, by the purchaser, upon provision of “voucher” and production of identity card (or passport), or by his representative upon production of his identity card and provision of a copy of the above-mentioned documents and a written authorization issued by the owner of the tickets specifically authorizing that representative to pick up the tickets.

The FPF shall distribute the places in the stadium on a first come first served basis at the moment the tickets are picked up and tickets may only be exchanged for others in the same category or of a higher category when organization or security reasons  justify it.

The tickets purchased cannot be used for any commercial or promotional purposes, nor can they be resold, exchanged or returned, except, for this last case, if the match is postponed, cancelled or played behind closed door.

The conditions for spectators to enter and stay in the sports ground are binding on tickets holders.

In the matches of qualification for the European Championship 2016, the supporters of the opposing association shall be entitled to the percentage reserved in accordance with the regulations in force (article 38 of the Regulations of the UEFA European Football Championship), provided they give evidence of their nationality through the production of a valid passport.

If the game happens abroad (out of Portugal), FPF only provides the ticket sell from the availability conceded by the foreign organizing federation, being the purchase exclusive to Portuguese citizens. This purchase is valid for a specific part of the stadium with a physical separation of the fans, concerning applicable FIFA/UEFA regulations. Afterwards, FPF will provide ticket collection information after being informed by the foreign federation.



1. To be over six years old. The entrance of children below six years old shall only be allowed if they are ticket holders and are with their father or mother;

2. To own valid ticket and identification document;

3. To allow the collection of their image and sound;

4. Not to be under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances or analogous products;

5. To accept to submit to alcohol or other toxic substances control tests if requested by members of the security forces at service during the match;

6. Not to sing racist or xenophobe chanting or other which are an incitement to violence;

7. Not to exhibit posters, flags, symbols or other signals with offensive, violent messages or messages of a racist, xenophobe, sexist, provocative, political, religious, ideological nature, or that, in any way, are an incitement to violence and discrimination;

8. To accept and respect the Stadium’s rules contained in the regulations of security and use of spaces of public access;

9. Not to carry commercial or promotional materials, except when provided by the FPF at the entrance of the stadium;

10. Not to carry video cameras or other recording equipment or long lens cameras, except for private use and only with one set of replacement batteries or rechargeable batteries; 

11. Not to carry any drinks;

12. To allow body search and search of goods, as a prevention and security measure, with a view at detecting and/or preventing the entrance or existence of prohibited objects or substances or that are likely to give rise to acts of violence;

13. Not to carry or bring inside the stadium objects, materials or substances likely to be a threat to security, to disturb the progress of match, to impede or impair other spectator’s visibility, cause damage to people or goods and/or generate or facilitate acts of violence, in particular:

a. Balls, umbrellas, helmets;

b. Animals, except for guide dogs or police dogs when their access is allowed in accordance with the law;

c. Flagpoles or similar object;

d. Any type of weapons, ammunitions or their components, as well as contusive objects, in particular knives, darts, tools or syringes;

e. Projectiles of any kind such as bolts, pieces of wood or metal, stones, glass, cans, bottles, mugs, packages, boxes or any recipients that can be thrown and cause injuries;

f. Unwieldy objects such as ladders, stools, chairs;

g. Corrosive, flammable, explosive  substances, liquids and gases, fireworks, flares, inks, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnics;

Flammable or explosive substances, liquids and gases, fireworks, flares, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnic materials;

h. Gas spray can, corrosive, flammable substances, inks or recipients that contain substances harmful to health or that are highly inflammable;

i. Horns, radios and other instruments producing noise;

j. Laser points or other light devices likely to cause physical damages or disturb the concentration or the performance of the players and other sports agents.




1. To abide by the internal regulations on security and use of the public spaces of the stadium;

2. To comply with the conditions of access and security;

3. Not to obstruct the access and evacuation routes, in particular the emergency exits, except for spectators with disabilities or incapacities;

4. Not to climb to structures and facilities not reserved to the public, in particular façades, fences, walls, metallic nets, barriers, lighting masts, camera platforms, trees, masts or any type of coverage, roofs, tunnels, dug-outs and other apparatus or constructions;

5. Not to enter the match field or in the area around the match field;

6. Not to access restricted areas or areas that are not reserved for general public;

7. Not to move from one sector to another;

8. Not to write, paint or affix anything in the facilities or corridors of the sports ground;

9. Not to throw any objects or liquids from the interior of the sports ground;

10. Not to use material producing fireworks, any other pyrotechnics or material producing similar effects;

11. Not to diminish or disrespect the national symbols;

12. Not to ingest alcoholic drinks in zones not reserved for that purpose;

13. Not too sell goods or tickets, nor to distribute printed material or carry out any other promotional or commercial activity, without the previous authorization from the FPF;

14. Not to record, transmit or disseminate sounds, images, descriptions or results of the match, fully or partially, thorough any mean, or to assist any person carrying out those activities, other than for exclusively private use;

15. Not to practice violent acts, exhibit posters, flags, symbols or singing chanting of a racist or xenophobe nature, or that, somehow, are an incitement to violence, to racism or xenophobia, intolerance or to any type of discrimination or which are manifestations of political ideologies.

16. To abide by other instructions from the FPF, security personnel, stewards, police force, firemen or emergency services. 



fpf.pt and all its contents, in particular regulations, images, insignia, logos, brands, etc., whose intellectual property belongs to the FPF or to third parties having authorized its use exclusively in the site fpf.pt, are protected by the national and international applicable legislation.

Any copy, imitation, modification, reproduction, sale, publication, distributing or use not specifically authorized are forbidden.

Authorization is given for the copy and download of the contents of text, information, news, and regulations, provided that the source of origin and the Web address of the specific contents consulted are mentioned, that their use is for personal, professional or public non-commercial purposes and is not likely to cause any damage to the FPF or to any of its Ordinary Members.

The website fpf.pt is connected to external sites over which the FPF has no control or responsibility, and the authorization to use the information contained therein must be obtained from its authors or holders of exploitation rights.



fpf.pt provides free navigation, free of charges and not subject to previous collection of personal information. An exception to this are the pages dedicated to services provision which require the insertion of the data strictly necessary for the identification of the purchasers and the processing of the service, to be provided in a specific, conscientious and voluntary manner and whose protection is guaranteed under art. 35 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and Law 67/98, of 26th October.

The FPF may use any control technology or data analysis and monitoring tools, for merely statistical purpose, with the exclusive aim of collecting elements concerning interaction and general activity of the fpf.pt, which can only be identified when illegal acts are committed in the website or if such is required by judicial decision. 



fpf.pt uses cookies to improve and facilitate your visit; they do not contain or reveal in themselves any personal data. In case you wish to deactivate this functionality, deleting or blocking cookies in your computer, please consult the help menu of your internet browser.



This site was designed according to the best technical quality. However, it does not guarantee the non-interruption or disturbance of the service, loss of information, picking up and viewing technical failures, impossibility to use it due to any cause, inexistence of files or formats exempted from errors or of computer viruses.

Whenever that happens, the FPF shall rapidly re-establish the proper working of the service, but it declines any responsibility for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages arising from the correct or incorrect access or use of the fpf.pt.

This notice of resignation is not aimed at limiting the liability of the FPF contrarily to the applicable legislation or to exclude it in case it is legally inadmissible.



For any complaint concerning fpf.pt, please contact the FPF to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

Replies to the complaints shall be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user, who can request information on the processing of his submission.



The Portuguese law applies to all the matters regulated by these conditions. In case of disputed arising from the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions the place of jurisdiction shall be Lisbon.